We Protect Your Technology Investment While Maximizing Your Fun
James Stout and his expert team are redefine the way discriminating individuals & families are migrating to the next phase of their Home Technology Lifestyle. We offer design services, budgeting, cabling, product sales, installation, customized training, and unmatched post-installation support. But wait, there's more. So much more.

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Use these transformations as inspiration for the possibilities in your living spaces.

4K TV, Multi-room Audio, & Extreme Wi-Fi - Opportunities. Challenges
These technologies can bring your lifestyle increased enjoyment and convenience. But, there are numerous, not well documented, pitfalls in each discipline. We provide you knowledge and expertise that will allow you to:
1. Simplify your system operation. 
2. Enhance the aesthetics of your listening and viewing areas.
3. Avoid premature obsolescence to the greatest degree possible.
4. Maximize your investment in products and services.
5. Overcome physical challenges including visual / hearing impairments and ailments      including severe arthritis and Parkinson's disease.

​Personalization, The Best Reason For Working With The Integrated Lifestyle
Products / services are a means to an end. Each selected element is adapted to your specific needs. This is what differentiates our company. From tech-saavy millennials to seasoned citizens who are less comfortable with technology, no two designs or installations are identical. The result is greater client satisfaction and protection against premature obsolescence. From products, aesthetics, and installation, we have unique insights into the possibilities for the next chapter in your technology lifestyle. 

The Art Of Home Entertainment - Concealing Audio / Video Equipment
My team and I have a passion for concealing the electronics so that the electronic look is eliminated and the beauty of the surrounding living space is preserved. The beautiful truth is that concealment costs more than a budget hang & bang TV/ Audio. But, it doesn't require more expensive electronics in most cases. 

Often, we create these Home Technology living in existing spaces without assistance, but we also collaborate with the area's finest remodeling professionals, interior designers, and cabinetry specialists. Our collaborations have been recognized nationally, and we are happy to recommend inpired professionals from the above disciplines if don't alreay have a resource. Together, we become a virtual team to take you from concept to completion.

A special note to anyone embarking on a remodel or an interior design makeover. It's impossible to begin planning your budgeting, equipment locations, and wiring too early. We would love it to be us, but please bring in a technology professional early on. Doing so will save you time, money, and stress.

Why 2019 Technology Is So Disruptive. What It Means To You
Two two big trends which will break many consumer hearts and dent many budgets are 4K TV and the need for ever faster WiFi networks. Here is the short story on both.

4K TVs are wonderful, inevitable, and incredibly inexpensive. They work fine with older equipment and todays digital content. This will change this later year when we DirecTV, Netflix, and others begin broadcasting in 4K. There will also be 4K disk players. The content will be copy protected and all AV receivers, many HDMI cables, and much of the in-wall wiring to TVs will be rendered obsolete. There are work arounds for many but not all solutions. So, speak to a professional about how all the 4K pieces fit together as we enter move into 2016.

The second disruptve trend is the streaming of high definition video on mobile devices and portable computers. When all video consumption was over wires to TVs the bandwidth crunch was much smaller. Increasingly more family members want to stream HD video on their tables anywhere on the property. There is a limit how much improvement can be made with faster routers and WiFi repeaters. Counterintuitively, it takes wires to effectively extend WiFi networks over the required distances at the necessary speed.

There are other technology ripples, but they pale by comparison. On the other hand, there are new solutions for overcoming these challenges while bringing us greater convenience and enjoyment. 

The right digital advisor can help you navigate these waters. I hope it is The Integrated Lifestyle, but please invest in trusted technology advisor before making signficant investments you will live with for years.

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Our Campbell Showroom Will Amaze You!
Located within Valet Custom Cabinets and Closets, I welcome you to visit us and test drive the latest technology solutions installed into beautiful living spaces. Pictured at the right just below my picture, you will experience possibilities not available in retail stores. The Integrated Lifestyle also creates inspired looks without cabinets by placing the components in other rooms, closets and even garages. We are by appointment as I'm often managing our installations. Evenings and weekends are not problem. Valet Custom is open Monday - Friday, 9:00 - 5:0 and Saturday, 10:00 - 4:00. No pressure, just education, enlightenment, and fun. 1190 Dell Ave. Ste. J, Campbell, 95008.

Putting All The Pieces Together
The Integrated Lifestyle uses every interior designer, cabinetry specialist, electronics retailer, furniture showcase, and remodeling expert as a palette to create affordable, elegant Home Technology experiences tailored to each client’s tastes, needs, and budget. We have professionals in each category with whom we have previously collaborated. However, we can dance with your own designers / contractors equally well. Instead of selling commodity products like TVs, Blu-rays, and Apple products, we provide expertise about the products best suited to your needs and the best places to buy them. We are highly regarded authorized dealers for all other speaker, receiver, wireless audio, and related companies. Once you decide on your dream system, I engage my expert installation team to handle the cabling, installation, setup, training, and post installation support. We break all the rules to provide a Home Entertainment lifestyle you’ll treasure for many years.

Planning, Budgting & Design Services Save You Time & Money
The fastest way to get started on your new technology lifestyle is to call me any time at 408-393-4779 or email me at james@theintegratedlifestyle.com

Our next step might be a visit to our Cambpell or Fremont showrooms where you can experience the possibilities in real living environments: living rooms, bedrooms, kitchens, home offices and more. 

Both showrooms, at Valet Custom Cabinets or The Studio At MAC Deisgn Studio. are open during regular business hours, but I am generally out managing projects, hence the appointment. Evenings and weekend appointmenets are welcome. Your visit will include demonstration fo featured vendors as necessary, but the primary goal will be defining the possibilities for your home as it relates to simplicity, convenience, and aethetics.

Many of our clients engage us to provide a design and budget for the project which includes wiring, collaboration with interior designers, builders, electricians, and cabinetry professionals. They need information which is often not available without a detailed budget and design. 

The result of a budget and design is to determine if your wish list fits your budget and determining alternatives such as phasing in your system over time. I also document what equipment can be repurposed and the possible downsides to doing so. The budget and design also outlines essential services such as training and continuing support of your system. You will know what your csts will be and how your project will proceed before  you spend a penny on wiring or upgrades.

We charge a very reasonable fee for our designs and budgets. They will save you time, stress, and money. Our clients who invest in them are thrilled that they received critical project information without sales pressure. I become your unbiased advisor. I will be happy to share the fee for my services once we determine they are to your advantage and the scope of work is defined.

     The Integrated Lifestyle Creates Personalized Home Technology Lifestyles

2022's Audio-Video-Wi-Fi Choices Can Be Complicated. We Make It Simple For You.
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